Why use ReportingMate?
ReportingMate is reporting software to help corporations solve two major issues:
  • Business reports creation
  • Data access to corporate users
ReportingMate introduces a new approach and solves both problems with one powerful, easy and affordable solution:

Developers can provide corporate users with secure access to data from any corporate database and let them build their own reports.

Business users can manipulate, print and export reports with minimal effort, by grouping, filtering, sorting and aggregating plain, tabular data in a familiar Excel-like format.

How it Works

No need for complicated report designers.

Today, most solutions require developers to use complicated report designers to create even the simplest report. With ReportingMate, anyone with basic SQL skills can setup reports and provide data so that users can easily and quickly create their own reports.
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Create, print and export reports in minutes.

Users work with live data in a familiar, interactive and easy to use Excel-like grid. As long as users have the data they need, they can create any report without going back to the developers time and time again. Multiple reports can be created from the same data.
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Save time with Report Snapshots.

Save time by automating repetitive activities when you create reports. Customize any report by adding groupings, filters, sorts and aggregation totals, then save your preferences for future use.
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Powerful, but easy to use, reporting features.

Organize data with grouping, analyze important info through interactive, built-in and custom filter expressions and use data aggregation formulas to create summaries.
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Easy and secure data sharing.

Users have read-only access to selected data and don't have direct access to the database. Developers can control which users have access to which reports and monitor their activity.
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Stop wasting time with data exports.

No exports, such as text or Excel files, are needed to share data with users. Developers can now provide live, read-only data to users—saving hundreds of development hours.
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